Bokkun, also known as Messenger Robo in the Japanese version, is a character from Sonic X. He is employed by Doctor Eggman to send messages to Sonic that come in a form of a TV that blows up in the recipient's face. Bokkun gets mistreated and cries very easily, due to Eggman always hurting him. His pleasures include annoying people with bombs or eating various desserts. He is very loyal to Eggman, who he treats like a father or creator. Bokkun can fly using a jetpack (possibly bolted to his back), and has a boiling point temper.


Bokkun looks like a black, gold eyed type of Dark Chao with blue and white patches without his bauble and red shoes and white gloves like Sonic, and a pale green rucksack over his shoulder, where he keeps his privileged bombs. There's some to debate as to whether Bokkun is a robot or an anthropomorphic animal, although a caption in an issue of the Sonic X comic refers to him as "Dr. Eggman's delivery robot", and he is seen drinking motor oil, Ella also referred to him "Our little flying robot friend" in episode 20. He uses an "M" on his belt buckle, which refers to Dr. Eggman's name for him, "Messenger Robo".

He once called upon the Egg Golem also seen in Sonic Adventure 2. Early in the series' third season, Bokkun is forced to help Rouge the Bat, who blackmails him with a locket he owns, threatening to show everyone the picture of the girl inside it, whom Bokkun has a crush on. The scene where his crush is revealed to be Cream the Rabbit is cut out of the English version, possibly for time purposes.


Bokkun is very childish and loves explotions. He is slightly saddistic and loves to pull pranks. His job is as a messenger robo but he dosn't appreciate it.