{{Infobox |Box title = Cream|image = Image: Cream 3.png |Row 1 title = Voice actor(s) Rebecca Honig (English)}Row 1 title= Cream the Rabbit)} Cream the Rabbit has a starring role on the Sonic anime, Sonic X. Though she isn't as active as many other characters, she presents her own talents in the anime.

Her first appearance is in episode #1, "Chaos Control Freaks", in which Sonic tries to save her from Dr. Eggman's base, right before the Chaos Control that tossed Sonic and his friends to another world. She supports Sonic on his adventures for the Chaos Emeralds throughout the first season. Her most known accomplishment is her victory over Gizoid/Emerl duing the second season, as she was forced to fight him for the first time on Sonic X.

In the third season she travels with her friends into space to help Cosmo stop the Metarex. It is implied that Bokkun had a crush on her, as shown in the Japanese dub.





  • In the Japanese version of episode 20, Cream stated that she lived in Green Hill Zone.
  • The show reveals that both Cream and Amy seem to be good swimmers, but they mostly do it for leisure (as seen in episodes 9 and 16). However, Cream is seen floating in an inner tube during one episode, so this may be questionable.
  • When Cream is wearing her pink party dress her body seems to look more shapely than her regular orange dress.